Wheel Powder Coating

Rim Repair, & Customized Looks!!

Did you know that powder coating has been around since the 1940’s?? And is the most preferred protective media for many items we encounter ever day? 

Items such as: Vending machines, basketball rims, customizable metal water bottles, microwaves, fire extinguishers, patio furniture, refrigerators, bike frames, and even automotive wheels?

With automotive applications, powder coating is great for off-road racing vehicles to protect from stone chips, mud, sand, corrosion, harsh chemicals, heat, and organic film.

And, with so many color options to choose from, powder coating is a great way to customize your ride, while keeping the factory wheels!

We also offer curb rash repair services. Why replace your wheel, when we can just get it looking like new again ?


Fill out the quick form below and let us know the size of your wheels, and what color coating you would like us to coat it in!

All powder coated items, will also include our industrial ceramic coating, for an extra layer of incredible protection, & ease of maintenance!

What can we powder coat?

Pretty much anything that can withstand high temperatures, as this is part of the baking process.

What is the process for coating rims?

Simply bring the vehicle, or just the wheels , to us, and we will take care of the rest. We remove the tires, prep and coat the wheels in your desired color, then re-install the tire, balance the wheel, and top the metal surfaces with our industrial ceramic coating.

How long will it take?

Typically, our powder coating services can be completed with a 2-3 day turn around time.

How much does it cost?

Pricing varies on wheel size, color combination, and if any repairs are needed to be made prior to coating. Prices start at $225/wheel.

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As a thank you for stopping by, we will install our 6 month windshield coating free of charge. Think of it as your local auto part store water repellent, but on steroids.

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