Dashcam Installation

Dashcams Save You!

There are good reasons why newer vehicles are coming standard with surveillance integrations. And for years, manufacturers have been installing back up cameras on vehicles. 

Number one reason; Safety!

Check out some of the top reasons for investing in a quality dash camera system for your vehicle…


Why Get a Dashcam...

7 Reasons why:

  1. You Have First-Hand Evidence Of A Car Accident! Real-time video of a traffic accident. And prove it was not your fault. Saving you money and time!
  2.  A Dash Cam Is The Perfect Solution For Undisciplined Drivers.
    Events on the road happen in less than a blink of an eye. And should you ever witness reckless driving, good luck getting anything done about it without proof?
  3. The Dash Cam Is Perfect For Driving Instructors And Worried Parents.
    Perhaps you were like me as a kid and took your parent’s vehicle when you weren’t supposed to. Or maybe your teen driver has a bad habit of texting while driving. You can now use the camera as a deterrent from bad driving. What about when you valet your vehicle or take it to the mechanic, you can review footage in live time and record any mishaps.
  4. You Can Prevent Fraud.
    Did you know that millions of dollars each year are paid out from fraudulent insurance claims in the U.S. alone? Insurance schemes where people hop out in front of a car and fake injury or slam their brakes in front of you (brake check) to get you to run into them, and many many more incidents like this, will leave YOU at fault!!! Unless you can prove it!
  5. You Can Record Your Entire Road Trip
    This is a happy and fun reason to install a dashcam. If you enjoy long scenic drives, it will all safely be captured for you on your dashcam.
  6. You Can Efficiently Prevent Parking Accidents.
    Have you ever went to the store or gym, only to come out and find a new blemish on your pricey ride? But there is no note and no one in sight?
    With shock sensing on our cameras, it will lock in any event that triggers this sensor. Including vandalism and break-ins.
  7. Save on your insurance rates.
    Most insurance companies give special discounts for a dashcam being professionally installed. And, more than half of our clients have let us know that the dashcam recorded an event of a hit and run or vandalism. And because they had proof on video, they not only did not have to pay a deductible for repairs, in most cases, the perpetrator was caught.
    Never underestimate the power of dash cams! If you look at the online videos of car accidents and unexpected phenomena, you will see that most of them have been accidentally caught on camera and very few of them have actually been recorded on purpose.

Dashcam Options & Features

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