Paint Correction

What is Paint correction?

Paint correction is the process of increasing gloss, shine, and depth to your existing paint by removing imperfections in the surface of the paint. This can include a variety of issues and causes such as:

  • Water spots, 
  • Paint overspray,
  • Light scratches from improper washing,
  • UV oxidation,
  • Chemical etching,
  • Buffer holograms. 


In order to achieve results from any of our paint correction services, some level of clearcoat will need to be removed.

Granted this can be just at a micro-level, it can also be a somewhat invasive process. Our goal is to leave you with the most clearcoat possible while delivering Amazing results in the color richness, depth of gloss, and maximum shine for your vehicle.

Do You Need Paint Correction?

The short answer, it depends.

This is where hopping on a quick call with us, to determine if your vehicle would substantially benefit from any paint correction measures, or not.

After an initial consult, we will have you bring your vehicle in for a few paint measurements. This helps us determine if you have enough Clearcoat to remove, in order to deliver your desired results, and set expectations as to the level of correction we can safely perform.


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